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Online English with teachers from the UK
Exciting live lessons with qualified British instructors, Oxford University's world-renowned program, and a personalized approach to ensure student's progress in English.
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Education consulting and enrollment to
educational institutions in the UK
We will help you choose and enroll in schools, colleges, and universities across the UK. We will offer the best choice based on your characteristics and plans for life after graduation.
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students started to speak fluently
in English with our teachers
students successfully passed the IELTS exam for the required band scores
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UK Government Grant Winners
Our company participates in the UK "Kickstart Scheme" state program, which supports young professionals. We have received high trust from the British government to create high-quality jobs, educate young people, and provide them with valuable work experience. Thus, in our team along with experienced teachers we have young professionals full of enthusiasm, energy, and a great desire to contribute to society.
Our teachers
All instructors in our company are from the UK and have relevant higher education, qualifications to teach English, and teaching experience
  • Robert Gilliver
    English teacher
      • Bachelor in English Language and Literature from the University of Leeds (UK)
      • CELTA Teacher Certificate
      • Teacher Knowledge Test (TKT) certificate
      Experienced in teaching English language and literature - 10 years in colleges and schools in the UK, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Morocco, Kazakhstan, including IB, A-Level, GCSE and English for Academic Purposes programs, IELTS, Business English. He was a translation editor of several books.

      His interests are literature, fiction, theater, travel, and learning about new cultures.

      • 3450 students learned English
      • 2070 students spoke fluent English
      • 480 students prepared for the IELTS exam
      • 96% of students passed the IELTS exam with a score above 5.0 points
      • 79% of students passed the IELTS exam and received over 6.0 points
      • 61% of students passed the IELTS exam and received over 7.0 points
      • Conducted 6,000 English lessons

    • Lee Hobson
      English teacher

        • BA from Nottingham Trent University (UK)
        • TEFL Teacher Certificate
        • Certified IELTS and CAE examiner
        Experienced in teaching English. About nine years in general education and language schools in Great Britain, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Maldives, Kazakhstan. Two-year-long experience as an Academic Director. Also, he teaches specialized IELTS, Cambridge courses.

        Interested in sports and traveling to exotic countries.

        • 2,700 students learned English
        • 1,620 students spoke English perfectly
        • 650 students prepared for the IELTS exam
        • 93% of students passed the IELTS exam with a score above 5.0 points
        • 74% of students passed the IELTS exam and received over 6.0 points
        • 58% of students passed the IELTS exam and received over 7.0 points
        • Conducted 5400 English lessons.

      • Emma Hughes
        English Teacher
        • Bachelor's degree in History University of Strathclyde (Scotland)
        • Master's degree in History University of Edinburgh (Scotland)
        • CELTA Teacher Certificate
        Emma is a beginner teacher who believes it's essential to know her students' interests and hobbies as well as their goals and motivation for learning so that she can adapt her lessons according to the needs of her students. She builds trust with her students and creates a comfortable and fun learning environment.

        She likes to read and learn Spanish.
      • Ettie Mann
        English teacher
        • CELTA Teacher Certificate
        Ettie has 6 years of teaching experience, working with children and adolescents aged 2 to 16 years. She has worked as an English, literature teacher, and other subjects at a school in England. During lessons, she likes to use games and songs because it is important for Ettie that the students love what they're doing and that their learning process is exciting and efficient.

        She enjoys reading fiction and studying Chinese.
      • Sandra Garcia
        English teacher
        • Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Italian at Nottingham Trent University (UK)
        • Master of Arts in Translation Studies from the University of Nottingham
        Sandra is experienced in teaching English and Spanish to children and adults in England as well as Spain.

        Her interests include: translation studies, languages, and creating teaching materials and educational programs for English language learners.
      • Elis Leipnitz
        English teacher
        • Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Portsmouth
        • TEFL Teacher Certificate
        • Teach IELTS Certificate
        Elis has volunteering experience teaching refugees and asylum seekers in the UK. She is currently teaching both children and adults at a range of levels. She takes pride in being a very patient teacher, and her classrooms always have a relaxed and engaging atmosphere.

        She speaks Spanish and Portuguese. Her interests include traveling, watching foreign films, and reading nonfiction books.

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