Reviews from the London Education Group students

  • Диана
    English lessons with London Education Group helped me improve your knowledge. In the lesson, we practice pronunciation, study grammar, and in general, we learn to communicate with foreigners. The teachers are very kind and find an approach to each student - this is the most important thing in education.

  • Алихан
    I have been studying with the London Education Group for 2 years now. During my studies, I have improved my English significantly. Our teacher helps us to deal with the elements that we do not understand and in every possible way supports us and motivates us for further learning. Richard is my favorite teacher, he is a good teacher and a friend. During lessons, we discuss various interesting topics.
  • Дара
    I am grateful to the London Education Group. During my studies my speaking, pronunciation and grammar of the English language have significantly improved. I became better at understanding real British speech.
  • Тимур
    I really enjoyed the lessons with the London Education Group. Thanks to my studies, I developed my spoken language. Lessons are held in an interesting way. Thanks to my teacher Rob for the opportunity to improve my English.
  • Юлия
    The lessons with the London Education Group helped me speak English more clearly, I feel more confident. English is very popular now. I am grateful to our teacher Rob, I began to speak at a new level and opened up from the other side.
  • Айман
    Knowing English is very important now. And I'm glad I came across a teacher as good as Mr. Rob. He helped me greatly improve my English, especially my speaking skills. Our lessons are always fun and intense. Many thanks!
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